Pay close attention, this is not a dream.
The nugs in this jar are far more than they seem.
These Lil'BabyBuds are so potent and strong,
they come alive and leave the jar when everybody is gone!
This time, Poppa Purp, Cookie, and OG,
Decided that they would watch some TV.
But the remote was stuck, so they started pushin',
Trying to get it out of the cushion!
The plan almost worked. They got the remote out...
But they accidentally slipped down into the couch!
But this couch wasn't normal,
It was really a portal!
And they tumbled and twirled,
Into a whole new world...
...where the villain, Stem Reaper, was waiting for them.
Once a bud, he got used up and turned into a stem.
He trapped the buds in 3 separate caps, 
Hoping to use their powers to change back!
When FairyJane saw her friends CouchLocked in a vision,
She took Dubb, Nuggs and SuperBud on a rescue mission!