Our Mission

Cannabis has the potential to transform the World. Let's spark the change we want to see, together.  

LILBABYBUDS harnesses the transformational power of art, technology and community to provide a purpose-driven brand experience in these key areas:

Education & Advocacy
We view our brand as a platform to examine the rich history of Cannabis, provide much-needed context for its continued criminalization and stigmatization, and facilitate community-driven change. 
Culture & Entertainment
We seek to promote positive cultural norms that demonstrate responsible use (or non-use) of Cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced, spiritual lifestyle - all with a sense of humor and knack for providing content that brings folks together to have a good time.
Economic Empowerment & Decentralized Solutions
We envision a business model that not only creates traditional job opportunities for underserved communities, but also leverages the disruptive nature of blockchain technology to hard-wire financial support of deserving organizations, people and efforts into each transaction we make.  
Industrial Transformation
  We believe Cannabis has the potential to transform nearly every corner of industry - from food and agriculture to textiles, construction and energy. Our long-term roadmap includes vertically integrated industrial Hemp farms that supply raw materials for both our product development and R&D efforts.