New Cannabis Game has Cartoon Bud Characters Flying High in AppStore

Los Angeles, CA, February 10, 2020.

LIL’BABYBUDS, a cannabis-inspired entertainment company, made its casual gaming debut today with COUCHLOCKED!, available for free in the iOS AppStore. The adventure title features an instrumental soundtrack, music player and seven levels of blunt-surfing, lighter-popping, nug-firing fun. Both cute and edgy, retro-classic and new age, the game walks a fine line between mainstream and counter-culture appeal. 

Set in a weed smoker’s living room, three buds come to life and creep out of their jar when no one is around. In an attempt to watch TV, Cookie, OG and Poppa Purp slip between the couch cushions and into a dangerous dimension ruled by the villainous Stem Reaper.  Players must rescue their fellow buds from Stem’s cap traps using heroes Dubb, Nuggs, SuperBud or FairyJane.

Creator Ras Martin originally conceived the game's cool, lovable characters to help reduce the negative stigma associated with cannabis. 'I was familiar with the many healing benefits of the plant, but knowing that it could've saved my mother and that kids, adults and even animals are suffering needlessly without access to cannabis therapy really frustrated me. I wanted to do something with my art that would contribute to a positive view of the plant,' says Martin. A few years later, mobile gaming would present the perfect opportunity to introduce LIL'BABYBUDS to the world.

And though the mission to reshape the perception of cannabis is quite serious, the game itself is a lighthearted, even comical sure-fire hit with it's addictive gameplay and conceptual creativity. Whether back-flipping off of grinders, risking lives for loose change or shooting ricocheting munchies, the “play again” button is nearly impossible to resist.

The coins in the game even have real value. The DankRoll (points total) accumulates from game to game and is used to unlock characters, access special promotions and determine leaderboard rankings.

Whether casual or competitive, 'Cruise' and 'Pro’ play modes make the game enjoyable regardless of mood or skill level. Users can also choose from a variety of immersive, bass-heavy instrumentals from the G-Cue-produced soundtrack, or play to any external audio they prefer without sacrificing sound effects. With so many reasons to keep playing, it’s safe to say that this game will have users worldwide CouchLocked!

Los Angeles-based startup, LIL'BABYBUDS, changes the way you see cannabis. Its original cartoon bud characters and their universe are the focal points of the company's story-driven apps, art, music and accessories.

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